Google Calendar Postponer (or preponer, obviously)

Authorize access

To manage your calendars you must authorize this app to use Google Calendar API

Disclaimer: this is a Beta version, use at your own risk!

Getting started:

  1. Authorize the app to access your Google calendars
  2. Select one of your calendar
  3. Select the events you want to postpone (or prepone)
  4. Choose - to prepone or + to postpone
  5. Insert the number and select days or hours
  6. If you can not write on the selected calendar you must select the calendar where new events will be created
  7. Click on "Move events" and then check your calendar on Google
  8. For questions or problems: @samskeyti79 or https://github.com/samskeyti/postponer/issues

Select calendar
Move selected events
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